Accounting, 25th edition

Author By : Carl S. Warren
Genres : 2013, Accounting
Publisher : South-Western College Pub
ISBN-10 : 1133607608
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 1, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English

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Quick Overview

Author has tried to give the new face to the information and concepts of accounting and explained them with innovative ways. This one book of him covers all basic concepts of accounting.

In 26 chapters of this book author has provided more than enough knowledge to his readers about the accounting policies and theories. His each explanation of text includes the real world examples to make better understand to the readers. All the topics are explained by keeping in mind about the new changes in concepts and accuracy of the information.

Animated activities are included in this book for better understanding approach which include the live examples related to topics.

It not only fulfill the objective of providing knowledge to accounting students but also helps them to check their own knowledge with the exercises and problems along with each chapter.

This book also includes totally new concepts of feed back by “check my work” and excel sheet tutorials with “try it” so that students can learn accounting with the excel sheets.

Genres: Accounting
Publish Date:
Pages: 1360
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